Lipton Lemon Ice Tea

Lipton Lemon Ice Tea

During the summer, I was out and about one day and I had been drinking plenty of water to remain hyrdated, but I suddenly went all floppy and fainty. It did not last long, but the inner medic in the friend I was with emerged, and she tried to force some ghastly tropical juice into me. We were very close to a newsagents, so accepting her advice that I needed a sugary drink and a salty snack, I perused the chilled soft drinks. They all looked completely vile, so finally I reached for a bottle that had the word “lemon” on it.

How surprised I was to enjoy the contents of this plastic (apparently 100% recycled plastic, although I don’t know if that is true of the sleeve) bottle. The only time I have ever chosen to drink ice tea was over in the States when I worked there as a post-grad. We used to go to cafes which served huge jugs of iced tea, often with slices of lemon bobbing up and down amidst the ice cubes.

Lipton’s Lemon Ice Tea brought back those memories, and it is many years since I have tried a beverage like this. But it was pleasant. Yes…you can taste tea, yes you can taste lemon. Normally I would say it is too sweet for my liking, but at that moment I did need something sweet, so it was ideal.


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