Charred Sweetcorn And Gochujang Dip

Charred Sweetcorn And Gochujang Dip

All of last summer we snacked on crudités and dips. We diversified from our regular hummus and tried all sorts of new ideas for delicious dips, many of them (including this one) came from editions of the Waitrose magazine. This dip was a favourite, and we think that the spicy kick makes it perfect all year round. Indeed, we have made it throughout the winter months. It will certainly liven up film nights, or try serving it along with crudités when you host a drinks party.

Robert adores the smell of the kitchen after we have charred the sweetcorn cobs. I hurt myself the first time I made this dip when the hot oil splashed my arms. So Robert has happily taken over the task of charring the sweetcorn cobs.



Place the corncobs into a large bowl and pour over just boiled water, so that the cobs are covered with water. Allow them to soak for five minutes. Drain the sweetcorn cobs and pat them dry.

Smother with sunflower oil and place into a frying pan over a high heat. Turn regularly until the sweetcorn is charred all over. This will take around seven minutes or so. Once charred, transfer the sweetcorn cobs to a chopping board and allow to cool completely.

When the cobs have cooled, carefully slice the kernels off. The safest way to do this is by standing the cob onto it’s end and slicing the kernels downwards with a sharp knife.

Place three quarters of the corn kernels into a food processor along with the mayonnaise and the gochujang paste.

Whizz until almost smooth and season with salt and pepper (although to be honest I didn’t add any extra seasoning because there was plenty of flavour in the other ingredients).

Stir through the remaining corn kernels and the finely chopped red chilli. This tasty dip is ideal for tortilla chips and works very well with sticks of pepper or carrots, any vegetables you like really.


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