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Show Me My Silver Lining

When I first saw the theme for today’s Song Lyric Sunday I could not help but think of a song that my nephew plays regularly. It is a track I have grown to enjoy myself. But it was a blogging friend of ours that brought this tune to this house. So I was convinced she … Continue reading Show Me My Silver Lining

Kaiken Malbec

There is a shop at the end of our road that sells, amongst other produce, bottles of wine averaging £40. I rather resent spending that much money on wine. However, they also sell a wine that we have fallen for for a more modest £13.50. Kaiken Malbec has everything you would want in a red … Continue reading Kaiken Malbec

Ginger Cream Biscuits

For some time, I have had this recipe which I gleaned from the Waitrose magazine. I kept on forgetting to buy ground ginger, but eventually my memory kicked in and I decided now was the time to get baking. They made for a delightfully indulgent treat, although I wish there had been more of a … Continue reading Ginger Cream Biscuits

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