Echo Falls White Zinfandel

Echo Falls White Zinfandel

I sometimes mention that although I prefer red wine, I make the switch to white or rose wine throughout the summer months. However, I personally prefer crisp and fresh to sweet and syrupy. So when I tried a glass of Echo Falls White Zinfandel I was overwhelmed by the sugary rush I felt.

Make no mistakes this rose is about as sweet as you can possibly find. It is full of a big sugary fruity cocktail with tango of strawberries and watermelon dancing around on the tongue. This is not up my street at all, however, I can tell that this would be extremely popular at summer barbeques and garden parties.

It is a very reasonably priced wine and is very sweet and fruity. I reckon it as an ideal choice to place half a dozen bottles on the garden table and let your guests work through them (responsibly of course). My conclusion, although it is much too sweet for my liking – it is an obvious choice for summer al fresco events.

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