Finca Las Moras Malbec

Finca Las Moras Malbec

Apparently this is the produce of a large wine estate in Argentina. I read up about the Finca Las Moras estate in San Juan and about the Malbec grape variety and I still struggled for something to say to you about this wine. It was adequate. I was not embarrassed to have it at the table, but neither did it do anything to make an impression.

I feel awkward saying that, but I just struggled to detect anything memorable. One thing in its favour was that there was a hint of smokiness in the background of this wine which meant it went well with the barbequed chicken that we were eating in the garden. It was a medium bodied wine and though it promised fresh ripe fruit flavours, I was much more aware of the smoky hue.

We have had some fantastic wines that we enthuse over, so sometimes we try something and it falls flat in comparison. My tip for this wine – summer barbeques when you have lots of guests and need lots of reasonably priced wine. This is a great pick for a barbeque. Other than that, I cannot make any promises on behalf of this one.

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