Lemon Drizzle Cake

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Perhaps the cake I have baked more than any other is a traditional lemon drizzle cake. I love lemon…lemon tart, lemon meringue pie, lemon pasta, lemon sorbet…it is the flavour I never grow tired of. I probably make a lemon drizzle cake once a month….and it never lasts long. I have been making it so long that I realized I do not have a recipe written down. This is a simple recipe from Waitrose, or you may have your own variation. It’s a teatime classic, and perfect for summer.


100g unsalted butter, softened, plus extra for greasing
150g golden caster sugar
2 eggs, lightly beaten
150g self-raising flour
3 tbsp whole milk
2 lemons, zest and juice
50g granulated sugar


Preheat the oven to 180°C, gas mark 4. Grease and line a 900g loaf tin with baking parchment.

In a bowl, use electric beaters to cream together the butter and caster sugar for three minutes until fluffy and very pale. Beat in the eggs, then sift in the flour and mix well to combine. Stir in the milk and lemon zest.

Spoon the mixture into the prepared loaf tin and bake for about forty-five minutes until a skewer inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean.

Ten minutes before the cake is cooked through, heat the lemon juice and granulated sugar in a pan until the sugar has dissolved; set aside.

Remove the cake from the oven and, while still hot and in its tin, prick the surface all over with a skewer. Drizzle over the hot lemon syrup, then leave the cake to cool completely in the tin before cutting into thick slices to serve. Garnish with extra lemon zest, if liked. 

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