Antonio Camillo Vermentino

Antonio Camillo Vermentino

I picked this bottle of white wine up on a recent jaunt to our new supermarket Prezzemole & Vitale, which sells Sicilian and Italian produce. Let me say first of all how thrilled we are to have this wonderful store full of beautiful produce on our doorstep!

As I was scanning the wine on display my eyes settled on this one because the label mentioned almonds. Yet, I do wonder if I was looking at the wrong label, because I did not detect any almond flavours in this delicious wine. I think this white wine will please everybody’s palate. Personally I don’t like a wine that is too sweet. So the Antonio Camillo Vermentino suited me because it had a very aromatic citrus flavour. However, this wine was not overly crisp…I would say the opposite…there was a warmth, a mellow feel and just enough sweetness to please those with a sweet tooth and yet not to be remotely sickly.

Robert and I were both delighted with this very enjoyable white wine.

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